Hello from the Pacific Northwest!

Focus on the hometown of amazon, Boeing, CRAY, Microsoft, Bill & Melinda Gates foundation et al Fortunete! Where else can creative work smarter, play harder?! What can reenergize them for new projects better than a rendezvous with Mount Rainier, Olympic Rainforest & Cape Flattery, an electrifying ablution in Diablo Lake after climbing the Forbidden Peak of American Alps or flying Unlimited under Blue Angels drawing Nesterov loops above the richest's estate, a black diamond run from Whistler followed by sailing to San Juan, and a relaxing tour of Washington wineries ending with dopamine-releasing 1812 Overture at Benaroya Hall?!

To us - biomedical scientists - the most addictive local attraction is the unique intellectual atmosphere of the America's brainiest city. homing one of the world's most innovative research universities, UW, Institute for Systems Biology, Allen Institutes for Brain, Artificial Intelligence & Cell Sciences, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and other top-notch biomedical research organizations that fight diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, human immunodeficiency, and other maladies devastate humanity more than do wars. We joined UW Medicine and Pacific NW Research Institute to accelerate our interdisciplinary studies of normal vs pathogenic mutant ABCC8(9)/KCNJ11(8)-coded [SUR1(2)/Kir6.2(1)]4 ATP/ADP-sensing Kchannels, KATP, and then started up Babenko Lab for Molecular Electrophysiology, Biophysics & Pharmacology. As many well remember, Babenko et al were first to record KATP in human cardiomyocytes, relate structure to function in the cardiovascular vs neuroendocrine 'metabolic sensors', identify aberrant (SURx/Kir6.x)4 causing diabetes, seizures and other abnormalities, and rescue their carriers with sulfonylurea receptor isoform-specific drugs. Today, we seek to decipher how the incredible heterotetradimers and related membrane transport proteins operate in our differentiated as well as Maksimov ("stem") and hyperproliferating cells, and translate that into innovative personalized therapies. We struggle to find a sponsor/institution powerful enough to let us pursue ultimate goals - like capturing Å-resolution movies of our 'transchænzimes'·membrane lipids·drugs complexes at the fastest, hardest and brilliantest XFEL - for the benefit of humanity.

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