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Focus on Terra of Amazon, Boeing, Cray, Microsoft, Gates Foundation, Vulcan, PATH, AlphaBet et al Fortunete!  Where else could Creative work smarter, play harder?!  What can recharge pathbreakers and explorers fuller than rendez-vous with Mount Rainier, Olympic Rainforest and Cape Flattery?! Perhaps electrifying ablution in Lake Diablo upon climbing Forbidden Peaks of American Alpsflying Unlimited under "Blue Angels" painting Nesterov's Loops above Premier Properties, sailing to San Juan Islands after testing Blackcomb Double Black Diamonds and touring Washington Wineries après dopamine-releasing 1812 Overture Finale in Benaroya Hall!!

For us and many other interdisciplinary biomedical scientists, the most addictive Pacific NW's attraction is the uniquely stimulating intellectual atmosphere of the America's brainiest city homing the most innovative public University, UW, Institute for Systems Biology, F. Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Allen Institutes for Brain,  Artificial Intelligence and Cell Scienceset aliis primo-genus medicinae institutis that fight immunodeficiency, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular and many other humanity-devastating diseases. After serving on Faculty of the top Medical Academy and the Premier Med University, the flagship Institute of the Academy of Sciences and National Institute of Health and Medical Research, INSERM, and the NIH-ranked-#1 Basic Sci Department, in the most competitive private health science university, in the world's largest Medical Center, conducting the most advanced globally-recognized interdisciplinary research in the Nobeliest Fields of Physiology, Biophysics  and Pharmacology, in the Greatest Lands of the Grandest Country on Our Planet, in then U$/U-free French Republic, and in once Republic of Texas, Gen X Babenko joined the UW Medicine and Pacific NorthWest (once Diabetes) Research Institute to speed up Investigations of diabetogenic et alia morbificae ABCC8,9/KCNJ11,8-coded, [ATP]/[ADP]-sensitive, K+-selective (KATP) channels, KATP, and then started the neXt Babenko Lab for Private No-profit Research Investigations focused on Molecular Electrophysiology, Biophysics and Pharmaco-dynamics of our therapeutically most valuable Ionic Channels and TransMembrane Channeled Transporters.

As most Scientists know, Babenko et colaborants were first to unveil the metabolic index-sensing Kanäle in human cells, relate structure to function in cardiovascular and neuro-endocrine "metabolic sensors", identify (SURX/KIR6.X)4 mutants causing Diabetes mellitus, Epileptiform seizures, Developmental et aliis morbis, incl.  the first Neonatal Diabetes (ND) with Epilepsy and Developmental delay (DEND) syndrome-causing NDSUR1, and rescue their victims by giving them Sulfonylurea Receptor Isoform-specific ligands, including tolerated yet safe elevated to-be-effective-without-side-effects-even-in-hyperactive-KATP-patients doses of now understood Bipartite SURBlockersapproved by the World Health Organization as WHO's Essential (Tier 1) Medicines. Now it is time to decipher how our most complex chæmodiodes and related TransMembrane systems work in a variety of differentiated, stem (Maximov) and oncoproliferating human cells, and translate the know-hows into innovative Precision, Combo and Repurposed Medicines (PCRM)We seek α Sponsor Organization strong and wise enough to let US pursue Ultimate Scientific objectives  e.g. capturing Å-resolution 3D movies of our  intact, membrane lipid-bound, operational, kinetic state-selective nano-ligand-gated transchænzimes, using the fastest, hardest, and highest-brilliance uro-ussian X-ray Free Electron Laser (XFEL)-utilizing SPB/SFX for the good of all mankind, not just 'for the benefit of humanity's most powerful Unions and Organizations.

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