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Highly Relevant Scientific Books and Other non-Periodical Sources of Lasting Scientific Information:

French and International Networks for Studying Genetics of ND and Other Forms of Monogenic Diabetes

IBL/ICL LABS for Genomics of Type 2 Diabetes and Other Common Metabolic Disorders

The EU-RF x-ray free e laser, the most advanced light source in the Universe

National Neonatal Diabetes Registry

American Heart

Dictionaries and Other Useful Resources for US and Other GloboTravelers: 

The Audiobook of Master and Margarita called The Masterpiece of the XXth Century - Part 1 and Part 2 - or, at least, its Ecranisation [For the sake of your brain, avoid watching any other, especially foreign, film, every one based on poor re-interpretation/translation of the masterpiece, thus only showing why Russians avoid making films about cowboys, baseballs et al Western things, even though Westerners continue shooting crap called "Anna Karenina" etc instead of just re-re-re-producing their fairy melodramas about poor girls picked up by rich men in their dream lands of equalities]

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NB! Do not seek here this kind AVIs, similar millions-satisfying acousto-electric impulses for jerking exercises, billions-hitting Yelling while less moving in the "new" style, or mass motion pictures about countless super iron menalii CIA- sponsored Shooting under influence HollyWood dummies, MI-6-decommissioned over-coctailed Royal Assassins w/ Ass-ass-in-esses struggling to last longer than for four hours while hired to fake saving their little post-Shakespearean dream world from straight Mendeleev drink-tolerant counterparts in every part of the world, Millennial witches courted by Narcissus-loving vegan vampires decapitating the prior-generation obligatory bloodsuckers with the help of huge transformable puppies pursuing coitus interruptus with turned to be unfaithful anemic nymphets or promiscuous in all shades of boring grey, or any other pop-corn digestion-facilitating master-piece of sh.. "liked" on the googled Inter-net, helping billions of noisy cinema lovers and tunnel vision-developing f-booked iPhoners virtually miss reality.
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