Take a break - play hard to feel alive!                
“In the name of Godstop a momentcease your work, look around you.” ― Lev Nikolayevich, Graf Tolstoy

When you work, don't play at all; when you play, play hard.” Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt Jr.

"So many Americans watch the news and it doesn't really give them the idea of the world. They don't read or travel. They have no idea that America is part of the world and not the world itself. It has horribly warped our sense of place in the scheme of things. Knowledge without mileage equals bullshit."  Henry Lawrence Garfield

So, with the help from God serving, rent instead of possessing Diablo with humongous rotary brakes and magneto-rheological dampers, and let your most-trusted sinful mortal spur the Beast mercilessly hard... again... and again...  
so you can safely and smoothly overtake any vehicle driven unsafely or wrecklessly at any speed on the high way 1
 to reach ASAP Big SUR where you can climb a few Giant Sequoia sempervirens and pretend being THE GEN X Shishkin,
descend into the Alcove for the theatrical view of the America's #1 Valley admired long before by American "Teddy",
photo-paint A Pano with yourself overlooking [for an obvious reason] the SURreally Grand Canyon "not so far away from El Capitan for ANY FAST AND FURIOUS" who indeed agreed to pay for a double-speed ticket delivered by a uniformed cowboy on a Mustang dying to give his rider a chance to get its recipient's autograph before Diablo exits the Hollywood Drivers' state,
reenter CA on Pony Corolla to calm yourselves down in the body of water named Tahoe at its hypothermia-inducing spot,
and -- after 'pony' gets sick and dies on the way to the top of the Volcanic Park -- replace her with that Alpha Romantically Youthful Guilia and ride Her graciously around the Dem. Francis Ford Coppola Estate in Napa, dé-gustering Californians-overgrown Vitis vinifera stolen from Shiraz until you feel very hungry and ready to lunch at the CIA, but then, please,
have your mood-improving Camelia sinensis - any way you like itin this SAMOVAR before taking off
 not in this ALPHA/BET-JET to reach the North Shore where Alpha WOMAN not BOND GIRL winning its RESTRICTED AREA PHOTOCONTEST
can capture not A BILLABONG BOY liked mostly by kids, but HER TYPE MASTERPAYING HER BILLS BEFORE PLAYING VS. Nalu like this,
but never like that, and just once like so
as he kane must return in one piece to kana wahine e kali ana no ka ia i loko o kēia paredaiso,
carry wachine exhausted on the Kalalau Trail to the hidden place where Jessica Lange could have taken a shower in a bath with a human being - not a monstrously huge [king kong] gorilla experiencing Lust before being shot too many times from American choppers directed by less and less capable movie maker$ - and dry herself not in the flow of stinky CO2 blowing out of Os sordium [no link to the unedited clip unsuitable for children], but elegantly, e.g. like Thumbelina did in "Dyuimovochka", the movie which is still watched by millions of adults all over the world,

and then have siesta not on couchette но диван (listen) in Living Rooms at Fort Alexander not to coucher but prepare for

A Heli-Tour de Paradise to Raise Charitable Support for Private Nonprofit Medical Research Investigators sine Finibus 


any $elfish Celebrators like
еребежчик с очередной неразборчивой Американской красоткой 
в числе других убожеств, корчащих из себя очень важных людей"
translated by the Yandex Artificial Intelligence Interpreter "A still-running, 
but not flying high since leaving his loving wife, defector with one of his 
American born promiscuous 'pretty' women, the ex-Girl of King Kong 2, 
among other miserable posing as very important persons", retranslated 
by the not so intelligent NSA/Google tool "Un déserteur et une ex-petite 
amie promesseuse américaine d'un kong, parmi d'autres innombrables 
posture misérables en tant que personnes très importantes", and better
"Mnogokratny izmennik so sleduyushej taskayushejsya pjushei i prochim 
sbrodom, vkluchayshim poteryavshih za moryami i okeanami besplatno
poluchennye na Rodine chudesnye umeniyaoklevetavshih Otechestvo
za <30 Serebrenikov, zabyvshih Otchestva, naplodivshih vnebrachnyh 
uebkov gde zahodit solntse i t.d., okreshennym tam zhe Prazdnuyushie",

not in the Hollywooded Blue Hawaiian "Star", but the most luxurious helicopter, Kamov-62, alongside the greatest, as helping save sick, wounded, or otherwise suffering, and accomplish other most challenging noble missions, Mi-26T2 Halo copter, safeguarded by Mi-28NM NIGHTMARE for Ka-52-like Sikorsky-97 Riders and old Mi-28-like neWest Apaches deserving the punishment for shooting innocent speaking different languages not only across the Pacific and not only like in the mo$t Apocalyptic Movie directed by the "New Hollywood's Father" who now offers "Live Cinema", vine et al products of his family LLC operating almost independently from the Godfather of American Crime Cinematograpy who gave a great lesson to a Darling afraid of making a mistake and helped a poor Boy struggling in the World of Juniors, 

with true Stars in our universe, who perform superlatively and give their energy to maintain Life as we know it, including:

(in Seats 1 and 2 in the 15-VIP Ka-62A couple of workaholic and generous hot Movie Stars born far away from the U.S. and thus known to their Fans all over the world as "Cold breeze over the mountains" [pronounced Kee-ah-noo] Reeves and The Devilishly-Sweet-not-only-in-November Charlize Théron [Tron] of South Africa;

(in the most accessible Seats 3 and 4 for a bit colder Superstars) L'incroyable French Elvis and Mireille "with Organ in place of larynx" and Heart enchanting the world;

(in the Popular seats 7 and 8) a few Gen X Chanteuses, Vanessa Chantal Paradis and another "Fance's little treasure", Alizée Jacotey, who both can teach countless facebooked-for-virtual-liking Millennial "Popa Goddesses", shouting something from their up to 300-word English vocabulary while shaking whatever they got augmented, ectomized and/ or implanted, to perform sexy, not like in noisy bordels collecting million$ from poor Americans feeling better in caco-coco-phono-unilingual environments while on FDA-repurposed hypotensives and antidepressants of all kinds

(in the Next seats 9 and 10) the Next-generation Siren with a birdy surname carried by the first man in Space singing in the most powerful Language truly inspiring millions, and the Next-Gen Actress playing good enough to bring not only the older Generation Artist with the literally melodic surname to the Heaven of her eyes' color and her charitable heart,  but also (hopefully;)

the brilliant English Song Writer, Singer, Composer Actor and Activist, Gordon Matthew Thomas Summer, Commander of the British Empire [not the brain-damaged American "Sting" popular in America] to the 10th VIP Seat and ask him to repeat (mainly for American only-understanding, xenophobic, mad dog-like militarists, profiting from killing millions of not only Far Eastern innocent, including children, and to hysterical, not in command at all since totally bribed by the Military-industrio-financial oligarchy Western Politicians not Statesmenthat "Russians love the children..." more, and most, just like The Englishmen still in New York does all his;

(in seats 12 et 13) a few younger, post-Cold War-naïf, born in ex-colonies of the West, artists playing mostly solo with their incroyable language and vocal formidably superbly, e.g. Paul Van Haver (Stromae) et Adila Sedraïa (Indila), who can, and hopefully will, do or at least say something helping stop neo-colonial interventionism and save lives of many in Africa, Middle East, and other parts of the world struggling to gain Liberté, égalité, fraternité;

and (in the last but not less deserved Seats 14 & 15) A couple of irresistibly charming, multi-lingual and cross-cultural super-performers, Riccardo & Юлия, showing how to dance вдвоём everything everywhere receiving standing ovations, achieve astonishing records in that difficult Sport, reach the Triumphal Stage in Relations between A Man and A Woman, and live following the Winston S. Churchill's "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give",
together with A specnaz Company-size Party of extremely powerful globally connected Incognitos code-named Paramed Paratroopers 001 - 090 in Venetian Masks while aboard the Halo copter, who anonymously support Private Nonprofit Medical Research Investigations w/o Borders among other missions saving and improving lives of less Fortunate around the globe and deserve to be Entertained on the long-dreamed Charity Tour by all Very Important Performers flying in the Ka-62 and the Halo copter pilotesses wearing Magie Noire under ZVEZDA's -9G suits w/ intimately integrated underwear and Magic Night Vision-capable Night Hunter's helmets w/ "Yeux - Revolver" and additional still-classified capabilities superior to those of all overpriced analogs for F-35, who learned from Miss Intimissima, et cetera, et cetera, and finally mom, Irina Valeryevna Shaykhlismanova, and the Supermom-Supermodel-Superactivist of Supernova Class, Natalia Mikhailovna Vodianova to never play Angels with selfish guys and so able to give any male Paramed Paratrooper no more than 90 seconds to donate everything he can to help sick, wounded and otherwise suffering, before A Captain of Military Medical Service in Reserve, coordinating PNMRI sine Finibus via the GLONASS-K-constellation even while in the catapultable seat with his Piratka of not Caribbean and a Biomed Research Scientist 2, will ask the Plotesse who has beaten all "top guns" like this and even the best of the best like that to bring the Party to the Armstrong's level instead of directing her to gently land the Halo at the Uniquely Peaceful Pacific Paradise where all shall enjoy the Charity Gala Dinner w/ the world-wide broadcast of the globally auctioned Live Performances pre-advertised above, and he capture
            "The Surreal Beauty Accidentally Unveiled During A Blow Of A Cold Breeze Toward The Mountains"

plus "The Night Dream Of Romantic Realism w/o Photoshoping" for a Satellite Charity Auction not at the so-called Romantic Neosurrealism Art Gallery but with the help of surely new Artistry and Artsystic nets offering more depression-preventing pictures including such by the real Surrealist who was inspired most by one absolutely real "thing" causing his greatest romantic excitement, Elena Ivanovna Diakonova, once Éluard, but twice and forever "Gala Dalí",

do a double Nesterov loop above the closed ex-U.S.Airbase, finally welcoming Peaceful Gamers from all over the world,
and then fly away Südwest with Air Tahiti, instead of killing time on any of these over-rated and over-priced cruisers, to

explore the exotic Polynesia $imply like this and on
Her, bearing the name of the Father of $ymbolism,

ultimately reaching the most pacific state of human mind in this Paradise or the better valued Intercontinental Pай
on Pora pora mai te pora...

before asking I kona akua  return to Puget Sound via Milford Sound, Great Barrier Reef, and Blue Mountains, to make it easier.

One arguing that Tour costs too much more than, for example, this popular Voyage, should ride a Tacoma from Seattle Nord for 6+ hrs and see
the top of $ki resorts without a pair of SMITH that saw some Ski Resorts in Alps 
and then descend from SUMMIT TO SEA and enjoy photoshooting not Mrs. SMITH in the naturally Beautiful Columbia, BC

One feeling even that may be too costly can push a Focus up for 3+ hrs to play like one Miss Smith under the Highest Summit of the Pacific Northwest

or test a more-emitting Wagon for Folks imported from a Euroland, talking so much about the need for other countries to reduce their green gas-producing productions, in eine Nordosten Richtung, for ~3 hrs, to see less spoiled and

Diabolically beautiful places millions of Deutschlanders would die to have at least one of them,

where un Homme sapiens with a few primordial habituses

can exercise while producing something absolutely needed yet artistic,

so His Chef Privé struggling to support PNMRI Anywhere,

has a source of energy and inspiration there to prepare -- from what he very skillfully caught, killed, picked, pressed, and distilled -- a Healthy yet Gourmand Dinner, including Uha Troichatka or at least Fish ConsommeQuail stuffed with Nightingale Tongues or at least Duck Confit; Wild Mirabel Souffle or at least Plum Pudding with Calvados; and  Her Sob's favorite drink, Dog Rose Syrup, served in a thin-walled Ag-crystal glass singing Zum Wohl in G7 Soprano,

after which he can do anything, even teach his most

Angelic Creation, B.S. in Biology/Physiology from UW 

dreaming riding "Dolce Vita" through the New Holland in the Venice of the North

 to navigate "Vita" trough a few Devil's Passes in the Divided States run by 100 Mad-like-a-hundred-of-fasted-dogs barking over "51:49" Games on a Hill in a Corrupt District of Ugly Columbia legally isolated from their 50 Colonies...

Or wait forever for a sustainable Washington State Ferry ride to Bainbridge Island at sunrise and cycle westward restlessly to hopefully catch the rare sunny moment over the freaking cold ocean

before spending a full-moon night with an IR camera on this Cape to be Flattered by professional imagery collectors,

and fly back to Seattle at sunrise to try another pro camera,

or at solar noon with a cheaper photo-drone,

or during nautical twilight with the latest Sony camera 

or at the astronomical dusk if you want to take "the moment before the night water touch-down" with the oldest EOS 1D.


But after learning enough to play hard, take off in a Dreamliner to see things much bigger than "Mr. Rainier",

e.g. these GIANTS [let's forgive some English only-speaking for putting their names all over What the "Rest" of the World called millenia earlier so beautifully and respectfully, "The Mother of Mountains" [Dzhomolungma],

or What must be correctly transliterated "Kala Patthar" at the OFFICIAL NEPAL.COM WEBSITE FOR ENGLISH ONLY-SPEAKING.

Or take an Airbus or a better valued Airliner to conquer differently magnificent and gorgeously named Peaks

after an overnight climb to stand not far away from the great for transit - and famous for hosting the Cold War-pausing Summit - Reykjavik, with its International Airport lights more visible from the top of yet another hard-to-reach peak,

or a night stroll through the darker Reykjavik on Thames struggling to get a bit of liberty from the German$-controlled District of Brussel$,

or a midnight promenade in Ville-Lumière losing Liberté to the District of Corrupt housing Belgian and other €-terrorists,

or a day trip to a more secure place where one can safely bring His and Monet's most Impressive Creations together

and capture ''A Gen X Esmeralda' dancing for 'Urodets'' not less elegantly than Gina Lollobrigida for Anthony Quinn et al Hollywood's Top Professionals and not less excitingly than the same Zingarella in one amateur-improved-to-become-much-more-watcheable version of the archived video footage, which, upon receiving Golden Frames

can be co-presented with "Not The Cubist's Jeune Fille scaling-up Velikoe" at Any Photo Exhibition, but preferably

in his Creator's favorite French town near NICE AIRPORT to enjoy the Artsy-missed Picasso's Joie de Vivre (Antibes), 


at least try to hide her in a public park from Paparazzi during Festival de Cannes [as any-smart can deduce from the sold-out JPG's name, without opening their mouths yelling "A-a-a, why we - with all our money - can't look like her"],

photoshoot by himself The MS in Biology/Physiology and Wife of the Fisherman's Son on a Mammal's Tail in a more expensive and so Paparazzed-Hollywood-Celebs-less town,

get her a Mini NICEly complementing her elegant NEO-RETRO mini,

stop her in another mini from riding in a too open Mini offered by a Novorich "to see his just purchased Châteaux around",

photo-compliment The only so-young mom with that-gorgeous daughter standing above everything what d'Eze's Billionaires' Juniors around have to offer,
salute these young Ladies, not Princesse$ involved in money laundering in places like this one,

where a good man, not a greedy Prince, teaches both of them to drive more defensively than did Grace Kelly,


If traveling via Italy, make Romans hail You,

permit Venetians watch You,

allow Amalfians paint You,

let Florentians give you something Aphrodite would be jealous to see on you,

leave Caprians who let you to stay where Maxim Gorky felt in love a thank you photo-note signed "...NA ANDREEVA",

pose like Summer Lovers in Oia,



  and so on [ask our Gen Y Traveles$a how to play hard in other wonderful places in Europe, as well as South America, Canada, South East Asia   at a minimal cost to you],

and then catch a more-legendary-than-the-first-supersonic-Airliner An-225 or, if you can, one of IL-96 which carries not the Russian Leader but a handful of Elite Travelers to reach in Grand Style the Northern Capital of the Grandest Country on Earth that gave Humanity the anomalously high per capita number of the Greatest in everything, from Science and Art to Statesmanship, the Imperial City all Russians call simply Piter, the only place on Earth where one man's heart stop beating for a few seconds... every time... like the first time 

...and where we remind ourselves what a Grand Gallery lives right under that roof (protected by Muses - not spooky Eagles et cetera flying above names of rich investing in Art tax-free in American museums with little to learn there)

  and what the Classic Ballet - living nearby - means,

and how the most unforgettable DINNER PRIVE WITH ENTERTAINMENT looks like 

before taking the longest railroad journey to revisit, among other grand wonders, the oldest, largest and deepest lake,

equally enchanting while frozen and explorable on an unchained 4WD,
or an unshod wild horse minimally scratching the Bailkal's Royal Sapphire-like surface,

      and then go to break the thickest sea ice while aboard the most powerful ship [of Arktica, not Typhoon, class],

and, after partying with Her, VICTORIOUS once again,

take a Mig [translatable also as "a remarkable moment"] to ice skate, ski, cycle or play any other game in the only Olympic town with F1 track and a subtropical elysium beach w/o silicone-filled, protein-supplemented baywatchers,

weed+coke-surviving NB Associate, WADA-allowed Western dop-using "Atletes", and other low-flying in MADE-IN-USA,

and then keep traveling throughout the largest and richest land to befriend, not disappoint, supremely educated and  unbelievably forgiving people of the less populous, yet strongest Nation, that saved the beautifully diverse civilization  from every "super-power", including Tatar-Mongol Ords, Teutonic Orders, Ottoman Empire, Napoleonic Europe, und Das Drittes Reich, and then ended the U.S.-started 'Big Blast' contest, brought Humanity to Cosmos, built the first space station (with the name bringing World and Peace together), allowed 'astronauts' left without a single 'spaceship' to fly to Space in Russian rockets, from the Russian cosmodrom, and did so many other great things for all mankind.

After that educational trip, even a brainwashed Westerner might re-enter the Western Frontier

to work on something greater than iPhony wearable$ reporting everything about everyone to social nets, traps and panels controlled by government-protected collectors of billion$ from sales of others' profiles to *.gov-bribing makers of humanity-sickening foods, drugs, drinks, games, shows, guns and other goods for progressively fattened, addicted, isolated, single, electro-dating, impotent, inverto-perverted, immuno-deficient, drugged, intoxicated, neurodegenerated, myopic, mad, pepper sprayed, angry, self-armed, shooting, shot, profitably incarcerated, sexually abused, and so on exceptionally miserably existing masses of the 'Free world' free to watch electorably logorrheic, mythomanic and shamelessly hypocritical representatives of all-the-garbage-producing monopolists, biosphere polluters, neocolonial campaigners, criminal intelligence directors, global terrorism ensurers, teen-hackable pseudo-cybersecurity builders, illegal interventions-justifying National News fabricators, architects of trans-oceanic offensive alliances and secretly prepared trade partnerships, GMO merde-spreading transnational industrialists, global financial fraud pioneers, giving-to-not-for-a-small-profit-ex-presidential-foundations-and-lawmakers-enough-to-remain-untaxable-yet-bailoutable banksters, and other legally shielded untouchable parasites doing anything to keep having more fun every next quadrennium while 99% of Homimis sapiensis working for them harder for less every next quarter of bill$ printing, already astronomical National debt rising, mediocre Medicare reducing, prescription drug cost rising, public education, transportation and infrastructure neglecting, federal aqua-boarding centers maintaining, brutal policemen growing, assault weapons disseminating, F[raud]-35 covering, "miniature" nukes developing, 9/11-sponsoring Saudi protecting, Homeland-secrets-via-private-home-servers selling, democratically elected foreign leaders overthrowing, Russia-hating neo-fascists supporting, the most powerful statesman insulting, with more intelligent foreign federal services messing, and doing many other idiotic things, ending - not surprisingly - like this

to realize - unfortunately too late - THAT, ACCORDING TO EVEN 



Where shall we play next big games? Probably in Asia we recently enjoyed exploring, since there is an opportunity to do advanced research and better lives of billions, as any intelligent could see from the informatively named JPGs :-)


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